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Wednesday, Oct. 10  ANA “NIPPON EIGA” SERIES: # 9

ANA presents

(“I Just Didn’t Do It”)

Date: Wed, Oct. 10th 2007
Venue: The ImaginAsian (239 East 59th Street, NYC)
Doors Open 6:15 pm / Director’s Introduction at 7:05 pm / Film Starts 7:30 pm
Japan | 2007 | 143 min | 35mm film | Japanese with English Subtitles


- Special guest appearance by director Masayuki Suo -

After an absence of 11 years, writer/film director Masayuki Suo of "SHALL WE DANCE?" fame has made a triumphant return to the big screen, with SOREDEMO BOKU WA YATTENAI (“I Just Didn’t Do It”).

In the film, Suo examines the Japanese legal system and its authoritarian judicial practices. The plot revolves around a young man, Teppei Kaneko (Ryo Kase), who is on his way to a job interview. While riding on a crowded train, a schoolgirl accuses him of groping her. Despite asserting his innocence at the police station, the officer in charge tries to force him into signing a confession, assuring him that this will result in his immediate release upon payment of compensation to the victim. But Teppei, who believes in only telling the truth - that he is innocent - refuses and is arraigned.

This film is a stark reminder of how suspects, whether guilty or innocent, are brutalized by the police and forced to sign false confessions. Suo also shows how some judges side with the prosecution. It reinforces the opinion that, in Japan, one is guilty until proved innocent.

Official Film Website
Event Information

Ryo Kase (“Nobody Knows,” “The Taste of Tea,” “Funky Forest: The First Contact,” ”Letters From Iwo Jima”)
Koji Yakusho (”Shall We Dance,” ”The Eel,” ”Memoirs of a Geisha,” ”Sweat Dreams,” ”Babel,” ”Retribution”)

Director: Masayuki Suo
Executive Producer: Chihiro Kameyama

Saturday, Nov. 12  4th Annual H2O International Film Festival
November 7 through 12 at The ImaginAsian

Official Site

Tickets for Panel Discussions are available at the Box Office Only. Ticket Holders must present ticket at Box Office to receive free admission to Panels.

ELEMENT Monday, November 7, 2005


starts at 2:00PM
South Coast Graffiti
Experimental | 19 min
Dansk Stil
Feature Documentary | 94 min


starts at 4:00PM
Short Documentary | 27 min
The Art of 16 Bars - Get Ya Barz Up
Feature Documentary | 82 min

PANEL: Hip-Hop Media Trends: Reality, Activism, Horror & Sprituality


starts at 7:30PM
Bling: Consequences and Reprecussions
Short Film | 11 min
Tragedy: The Story of Queensbridge
Feature Documentary | 77 min


starts at 9:30PM
Rapsheet: Hip-Hop's Hidden Struggle
Feature Documentary | 60 min
A City Called Heaven
Feature Documentary | 52 min

FUN Tuesday, November 8, 2005

FUN: 1

starts at 2:00PM
The Adventure of Supernigger: Episode 1, The Final Chapter
Short Narrative | 15 min
Small City: Big Hip-Hop | 92 min
Feature Documentary | 108 min

starts at 4:15PM
Ring Shout
Short Narrative | 19 min
Short Under the Influence | 8 min
Still Living
Short Documentary | 25 min

PANEL: Generation Y: Make Room for the Freshest Youth

starts at 7:30PM
South Coast
Trailer | 3 min
Respond to Sound
Feature Documentary | 78 min
Rubber Soles
Short Under the Influence | 10 min

starts at 10:00PM
The Male Groupie
Short Narrative | 20 min
White Men Can't Rap
Feature Narrative | 85 min

starts at Midnight
Golddigger Killer
Feature Narrative | 74 min

UNITY Wednesday, November 9, 2005


starts at 2:00PM
Public Service Announcement | 1 min, 30 sec
Docta Know
Short Documentary | 10 min
Hip-Hop Colony
Feature Documentary | 90 min


starts at 4:15PM
United Nations of Hip-Hop
Short Documentary | 9:30
4 Real
Short Under the Influence | 24 min
4 Ramas 4 Armas
Short Documentary | 10 min
FiYaH' - Dancehall Through the Eyes of Beenie Man, John Hype, and Firelinks
Trailer | 9 min
Frekuensia Kolombiana
Feature Documentary | 58 min

PANEL: 10 Key Elements to Getting Your Project Funded and Distributed


starts at 7:30PM
La Fabrik
Feature Documentary | 62 min
Young Rebels
Feature Documentary | 60 min


starts at 10:05PM
Sling-Shot Hip-Hop: The Palestinian Lyrical Front
Trailer | 5 min
Brown Like Dat: South Asians & Hip-Hop Hits New York
Short Documentary | 27 min
Favela Rising
Feature Documentary | 80 min

LOVE Thursday, November 10, 2005


starts at 2:00PM
Hump Up the Volume
Trailer | 4 min
Reflections On Women of Color & Hip-Hop: A Student Documentary
Short Documentary | 34 min
Girl Fight
Trailer | 5 min
Scene Not Heard: WOmen in Philadelphia Hip-Hop
Short Documentary | 40 min
Among the Trees
Short Documentary | 37 min


starts at 4:05PM
United Nations of Hip-HOp
Short Documentary | 10 min
Animation State
Trailer | 3 min
Taking the Rap
Trailer | 5 min
City Jewelz
Short Documentary | 20 min
Rubber Soles
Short Under the Influence | 10 min
One Love 2: True Ballin'
Feature Documentary | 50 min

PANEL: Reel Changes: Women in Hip-Hop Making Moves


starts at 7:30PM
Breakin In: The Making of a Hip Hop Dancer
Under the Influence | 58 min
Mixtress X
Feature Documentary | 74 min


starts at 10:00PM
Women in Battle
Short Documentary | 29 min
Just Another Girl on the IRT
Feature Narrative | 92 min

PEACE Friday, November 11, 2005


starts at 2:00PM
Short Narrative | 7 min
We Got Next, Episode 1
Feature Narrative | 85 min
Lyrical Minded
Short Documentary


starts at 4:00PM
Policing Art
Short Under the Influence | 9 min
Sun Up Till Sundown
Short Documentary | 22 min
One Nation Under a Groove
Short Documentary | 20min
One Village
Experimental | 65 min

PANEL: Soundtracks and Music Production: Scoring for Movies, Commercials, and Video Games


starts at 7:30PM
Music Makers
Short Documentary | 22 min
Ancestors Watching
Music Video | 5 min
Freedom or Everybody Dies
Trailer | 3 min, 20 sec
Trailer | 3 min
Beef 3
Feature Documentary | 85 min


starts at 9:50PM
The Making of Americans
Trailer | 18 min
Driving While Black
Experimental | 9 min
The Beat Back Bush Workout
Experimental | 12 min, 22 sec
Reading Between the Rhymes
Short Under the Influence | 29 min
Ghetto Fabulous
Feature Documentary | 58 min

starts at at 1:00PM
South Coast Cribs
House Party


Thursday, Jun. 15  2006 Filipino Film & Arts Festival

June 9 - 15 2006
All tickets are $10

Friday, June 9
1pm: Ina Kapatid Anak
3:30: Slow Jam King
6:00: Maximo Oliveros (Q&A w/ producer Raymond Lee)
8-8:30 Reception for Slow Jam King
8:30: Slow Jam King
10:30: Q&A and Live concert performance by Steve Mallorca (dir. Slow Jam King) & his band

Saturday, June 10
12noon: Hahamakin Lahat
2:30: Slow Jam King (Q&A w/ director Steve Mallorca)
5pm: Words & Images
7:00: Riles (Q&A w/ director Ditsi Carolino)
8:30: Slow Jam King (Q&A w/ director Steve Mallorca)
11:00: Sa Aking Pagkagising Sa Aking Kamulatan

Sunday, June 11
12noon: Slow Jam King
2:30: Ina Kapatid Anak
5pm: Bunso (Q&A w/ director Ditsi Carolino)
6:30: Sarung Banggi (Q&A w/ producer Raymond Lee)
8:30: Slow Jam King

Monday, June 12
2:30 Slow Jam King
5:00 Pinoy Blonde
7:00 Film Forum/Workshop (sold as part of 8:00PM screening of Slow Jam King)
8:00 Slow Jam King
10:30: Manila by Night

Tuesday, June 13
2:30: Slow Jam King
5:00: Hahamakin Lahat
7:30: Nasaan si Francis? ("Problema" Premiere Short Dir: Luis Pedron of Fanclubx.com)
10:00: Slow Jam King

Wednesday, June 14
2:30 Slow Jam King
5:00 Pinoy Blonde
7:00 Riles (Q&A w/ director Ditsi Carolino)
8:30: Slow Jam King

Thursday, June 15
2:30 Slow Jam King
5:00 Nasaan Si Francis?
7:00: Karnal (Q&A w/ production designer Fiel Zabat)
9:30: Slow Jam King

The ImaginAsian
Unico Entertainment
The Kaya Collective
Johnny Air Cargo
Perlas Ng Silangan Restaurant





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